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Freckles and all

I recently added a board to my Pinterest account called “Wish List.” I thought it would be a good place for me to pin items that I actually hope to own one day, but I quickly realized that everything I pin and repin should technically go on this board.

I will never own a three-story home in the Hamptons, but some days I wish I did.

I will never fit into lime-green skinny jeans, but some days I wish I did.

I will never spend six hours making a Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Cheesecake, but some days (the days when I’m not dreaming about fitting into the skinny jeans) I wish I could.

While I absolutely adore Pinterest, I also recognize that sometimes I can get too caught up in wishing. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming and desiring, but sometimes I have to bring myself back to my cereal-eating, shared-bathroom, single-girl life. And I have to remind myself that what I have and (hopefully) who I am is good, too.

A particular song by Natasha Bedingfield, “Freckles,” has been especially helpful in pulling me out of my Pinterest-induced funks.

So, go ahead. Make a monogrammed mini cake, and put your hair up in a sock bun, but don’t get down on yourself when the fondant falls apart or the sock won’t stay in place. Your “little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable (and) valuable.”

Don’t “waste a second not loving who you are.”

Just for the fun of it

During our lunch break today, two friends and I bought tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in January. Should I be embarrassed to admit that we will be joining throngs of screaming (and swooning) 12-year-old girls and belting out the lyrics to “Boyfriend”? Probably. But am I? No.

My willingness to publicize this information has to do with my recent efforts to embrace fun, in all its many forms — even the 18-year-old pop sensation kind. (Just to put your mind at ease, I had to Google the Bieb’s actual age. I’m not obsessed enough to know that off the top of my head.)

It’s no secret that I like to work hard. I’ve even been known to turn down invitations to activities in favor of homework or, these days, actual work. In college, you’d be more likely to find me on the first floor of the library on a Friday night than at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. I wasn’t opposed to socializing, but it would be accurate to say that success in my school work was my first priority.

I don’t regret the way I spent my high school and college years. I learned a lot, and I developed skills that continue to benefit me, but during the past year, I’ve also learned to adjust my schedule and make time for fun.

And I haven’t regretted that, either. Not one bit.

This weekend I flew to California with a group of friends, all in the name of fun.

Meliss and I sat on one side of the aisle.

Lizzy, Rob and Dave sat on the other side.

I had to miss a day of work (gasp), and I wasn’t able to bring my laptop (is the sky falling?), but guess what. Nothing bad happened. My writers didn’t suddenly forget how to use commas. My sections of the website didn’t crash. And my email inbox didn’t explode.

Here’s what did happen: I went to Disneyland and rode Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and Indiana Jones — twice.

The classic Disney shot. 
Lizzy loved her Mickey ice cream.
The Finding Nemo submarine ride was surprisingly entertaining. 
I took control of the wheel on the Teacup ride. Meliss and Dave had a hard time walking after that. 
Meliss and Rob staged this one. 

I’m fairly certain none of us staged this one. Please do not use for blackmail purposes. 
Here’s a slightly more flattering photo to compensate for that last one.

I went to an Angels game and realized baseball is actually interesting. (Thank you, Dave, for patiently explaining the rules.)

Dave got us really good seats.

I did a little seal watching a La Jolla Cove and munched on a tostada salad.

I love the smell of the ocean.

I do not love the smell of the seals, but they were fun to watch.

I documented the construction of a world-class sandcastle and reveled in the feeling of silky sand shifting beneath my feet.

Did I mention it was freezing? 
Rob has a hard time making normal faces in photos. 
Fancy, huh.

We may have also visited the San Diego Temple and been serenaded.

I adore this temple. 

I even saw two sweet boys willing do the dishes. (Gentlemen still exist. Dave and Rob are proof.)

Aren’t they cute? 

And they know their way around a strawberry patch.

Is it cheesy to say this trip was magical? Probably. Am I going to make that claim anyway? I sure am.