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Consider 2012 a success if …

Forget the Gold’s Gym membership dangling between your fro-yo frequent-buyer card and keys to your safe stuffed with Twinkies.

Ignore the pile of unopened mail and undone to-do lists perched precariously on your kitchen counter.

Don’t fret over the Rosetta Stone software intended to teach you French that is now serving as a coffee table coaster.

Toss those moldy spears of asparagus and soggy scraps of spinach. (Go buy yourself a V8 Splash. Same thing, right?)

Don’t stress about the fact that you never had time to get your stress levels in check.

It’s tempting to dwell on all you didn’t do this year, don’t you think? It’s easy to flip through plump planner pages and get stuck in a sticky emptiness. It’s frustrating to think about the boxes that went unchecked and the 25 forgotten items in your RE.minder app.

But don’t.

I started my morning worrying about what I wished had happened in 2012, but then I read a brilliant blog post from Lisa-Jo Baker. The premise of her perfect post is that if you felt loved this year, you can declare 2012 a success — and I completely agree.

Remember how someone touched your elbow and asked if you were OK?

Remember how Grandpa planted a kiss on your forehead and said he was praying for you?

Remember the construction paper Valentine from your little brother?

Remember the protective embrace of a best friend after that breakup?

Remember the tiny moments that were actually monumental miracles sent to show you just how much God loves you?

To Lisa-Jo’s point, I would add that you can also consider this year a success if you, having recognized the hand of a higher power in your life, extended love to those around you.

Did you throw your fear of abandonment back in the river and let it float by alongside inadequacy, so you could love with abandon?

Did you find a way to let someone know you cared, that his or her happiness meant more to you than your own? (If you’re a mother, shout “YES!”)

If you saw and shared love this year, celebrate. Close out the day with peace, knowing that you experienced the most exhilarating adventure, checked off the most important to-do and made an indelible mark.