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Forget doctors and lawyers. Marry a fortune-teller.



I’m a Web producer by day and a fortune-teller by night. I haven’t acquired the appropriate garb for the latter career, but even sans scarfs and patchwork skirt, I can spin a tale worthy of shelf space at Barnes & Noble. My speciality is foreseeing everything that could possibly go wrong in my life 5 minutes, 10 days or 30 years from now. I’m skilled at shifting through the sunshine and spotting the quicksand.

It’s not an especially lucrative business. In fact, it’s downright draining. After years of setting my sites on fears, I was forced to declare myself emotionally bankrupt. But I was still unprepared to take a hammer to my crystal ball. There’s something seductive about a sense of having control over your future — even if all you can seem to see are potholes.

But thanks to a loving Master Over Fate who will always have more control over my future than I do (thank Heaven — literally), I met the career counselor who is helping me use my talent for good. (He also happens to be the love of my life. Kind of handy, huh?)

Ironically, this humble hunk (I’m not exaggerating, see photo above) moonlights as a fortune-teller too. But he’s in the business of seeing a tomorrow framed by faith. His perception isn’t impeded by naivety, and his glasses are of the crystal-clear variety — not the rose-colored kind. Yes, he sees the potholes, too, but he plants flowers along the edges or focuses on how he can help life’s other travelers hop across them. As my career counselor, he’s teaching me to do the same.

Last week, we held class at 10:30 p.m. on the asphalt outside his house. Wind blew my  long blond bangs into the salty spots on my cheeks — fresh from a relapse into fear-based fortune telling. It was difficult to see through lashes laced with lumps of soggy mascara, but he put his hands firmly on my shoulders and requested that I look him in the eye. I sank into those caramel circles as he told the most beautiful fortune a girl could ever ask for:

I’m going to love you forever, he said.

There’s nothing you can do to change that. 

No matter how deep and dark a hole you find yourself in, I will be there to pull you out. 

I’ll spend every day taking care of you. We’re going to be OK. 

He’s an ace of a fortune teller, that one. Quite frankly, I think I’m ready to hang up my gold hoops and peasant blouse now. It doesn’t matter what else my crystal ball brings into focus. The good, the bad and the ugly will all surface at one point or another during the rest of our eternity together, but none of that can change how much I am loved. And, honestly, isn’t that what all our other fears are based on? The fear of losing someone’s love, or missing out on a chance to fall in love or never being able to share the love you long to give.

I’m not saying the fear dissipates when you find your true love. He won’t be a magician, after all. What I am saying is that along with olive skin, blue eyes, athletic ability and whatever else you dream of him having, don’t forget to add fortune-telling abilities to the list. Make sure he has an eye for everyday goodness. Make sure he reminds you not only of the love he is developing for you but also of the love God has always had for you.

Look for the boy who makes this his life’s theme song.

(Psst- I’m planning to post our engagement story shortly, along with a few other gems. But I wanted to get this out there right now because I want you singles to know something: The good boys exist. They really do. Don’t you dare settle for anything less. Don’t you dare go talking yourself into liking someone who won’t anchor you in his love and promise forever. You deserve nothing less.)