Meet Emily

Sushi, Jane Austen, Zumba, lemonade, sunshine, Gerbera daisies and magazines.

In the getting-to-know-you scheme of things, that’s a pretty good place to start, don’t you think?

My interests and ambitions are all over the place. I spent three years in Tokyo soaking up the neon lights, navigating seas of briefcases and becoming oddly fond of sardine-can neighborhoods and crowded sidewalks.

As a child, I spent afternoons building sandcastles on East Coast beaches and frequenting Kimball Farm for bubblegum ice cream.

More recently, I acclimated to the arctic climates of Idaho’s plains. Those who survive the jeans-freezing-to-your-thighs temperatures are rewarded with fall’s golden wheat fields and summer’s rainbow-sherbet sunsets.

At the moment, I’m enjoying a new adventure out West. I spend my days editing, writing and managing social media marketing for a news website. At night, I participate in the local social scene, which is composed of hundreds of guys and girls my age — all of whom claim to crave marriage but somehow remain hopelessly single. (I’m praying my dating efforts prove uncharacteristically fruitful.)

All of these wonderful places, experiences and interests make up the girl who shares her thoughts here. I’m tenacious, indecisive, sassy and overly sensitive. I acknowledge my flaws and dream of making a difference. And every single day, I’m learning to be happy with being just me, Emily.

  • Mark Rogers

    Hi Emily,

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    Mark Rogers Ph.D (Behavioral