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Still Just Me, Emily

Notice something different?

Excuse me while I go into flight-attendant mode and explain the changes you’re (fingers crossed) seeing:

My cute friend Meliss and I would like to welcome you aboard, the new home of Just Me, Emily.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for choosing Just Me, Emily. As we prepare to take off on a new reading experience, let me direct your attention to a few features. (I didn’t have time to put this info. on a card in the seat pocket in front of you. Sorry.)

First, you’ll notice that the address of this blog has changed. Instead of the old, cumbersome, you are now joining us at (Flight attendants usually don’t request applause, but would you mind fastening your seatbelt and humoring me with a clap or two … or three? I own! Wahoo! I feel fairly official now. I think I will celebrate with a package of peanuts.)

A wonderfully tech-savvy friend helped me redirect all of the content from our starting point ( to our final destination (, so you shouldn’t have to worry at all if you’ve linked to my content or bookmarked this blog.

Second, you will notice the snazzy new site design. It has more leg-room for all of the widgets, links, lists, gizmos, sprockets and Internet-age technology I’ve been dreaming of. I need to make a gazillion tweaks, updates and improvements, but I’ve determined that enough of the pieces are in place to make reading safe. (However, I can’t make any guarantees. If you notice wings falling off or propellers stalling, leave a comment and let me know.)

This blog is still under construction. We haven’t reached a comfortable cruising altitude yet, so please remain seated. I promise to make up for any┬áturbulence in Ginger Ale and Biscoff cookies.

If you’re feeling confused or motion sick, please remember that the content of this blog won’t be throwing you for any (intentional) loops. I will continue to post my random, silly, thoughtful, heartfelt stories and insights.

The scenery is changing, but I remain Just Me, Emily.