Channeling Chihuly

I am not a crafty person — at least not in the traditional sense. Yes, I do love creating logos, designing websites and editing pictures, but only on the computer, where I can alter every single pixel to my liking.

I do not, however, love the frightening unpredictability of glitter, glue sticks and Mod Podge. When they invent a “command + z” tool for the physical world, maybe I’ll pick up a literal paintbrush. (That was a little Mac nerd humor for you. For you PC fans, “command +z” is the shortcut for “undo.”)
Given my aversion to substances and situations I can’t control, I wasn’t very excited when Lizzy announced that we would be visiting The Art Institute at Thanksgiving Point last Saturday. I thought the idea of making glass flowers was wonderful, but I planned to watch and keep my hands far away from the flames.
Well, given Lizzy’s uncanny ability to get me to try new things, I, of course, ended up in the hot seat — quite literally. And, can I just say that I loved every second of shaping that glowing molten glass!
Seriously, if you get a chance, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment and taking your friends and family to try it out. It would also make a great date, especially if you’re scheming up ways to see the guy again because you do have to give the glass a full day to cool before going to pick it up.
I haven’t gone to get my flower yet, but I’ve begun to wonder if this is the beginning of a new artistic obsession for me. Maybe someday the great Dale Chihuly will take me under his wing, and you’ll have one of my blown-glass chandeliers hanging in your hallway.
Until then, here’s a video of the complete flower-making process. Dear Lizzy was the guinea pig and the perfect model for this adventure.