Embracing the beauty of the season

I adore autumn.

Yesterday I decided to embrace all of its crispy, comforting goodness by treating myself to a bag of apples and a bottle of Spiced Pumpkin soap.

As I headed home, I felt the pull of the hills set ablaze with fall’s foliage. According to my iCalendar, I didn’t have time to take a detour. I should have merged onto the freeway, if I knew what was good for my schedule. But my weary mind pleaded and pulled me up the back roads toward the trees.

I turned off my radio, rolled down my windows and breathed in the beauty.

That 15-minute drive through the cinnamon-speckled hills restored sanity to my soul.

Although this was an undeniably enjoyable encounter, there was a time when my adoration for autumn was not so strong. I resented the oncoming cold for making me pull out my coat. I feared the arrival of the first icy snow. At some unidentifiable point, I realized that the cold and the snow would come regardless of how I felt. I could choose to waste my autumn days focusing on the baren weeks ahead, or I could revel in the harvest of honey hues, spiced cider and cable-knit sweaters.

At some unidentifiable point, I decided to take the latter path. Now, I try to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with each season, instead of shoving it out the door.

My recent embrace with fall got me thinking about not just nature’s seasons but life’s seasons.

This current single, twenty-something season of my life can sometimes feel like the ominous autumn I used to dislike. Barrels overflowing with blessings surround me, but, too often, my mind jumps ahead to the fear of a wintery future. I worry that the upcoming seasons of my life may leave me feeling baren and lonely.

I hope this won’t be the case, but, even it is, how foolish it would be for me to be blinded to the beauty of this season by fear of what another season may bring.

I have incredible friends and family members. I have a career that challenges me and gives me purpose. I live in a safe home. I have opportunities to accomplish my goals. I know I am cared for.

I have more than I deserve.

Instead of wishing for a change of seasons or fearing what may or may not be on the horizon, I’m going to embrace the here and now. I’m going to take a moment to turn off the insecurity, open the door to my heart and recognize the beauty of this season.