You’ll have to reach into your fondest childhood memories and pull out “The Sandlot” to fully appreciate the title of this post. (Can you picture Squints saying this? I’ll give you a little help if you can’t.)

As I was making breakfast this morning (read: pouring cereal into a plastic bowl. Don’t you miss those days of humble singlehood?), I noticed this plate on the kitchen counter. I live in the most adorably decorated home, and all the credit for the holiday spirit goes to my roommate, the beautiful Bryn. I plan to do a post soon to show you just how Better Homes-worthy our abode is.
Anyway, back to the plate. The saying at the bottom got me thinking: Is love really forever?
I’ve yet to find “the one single person who fills (my) heart with joy” (see “You’ve Got Mail”), but I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced love in many forms. When I think about this statement, though, I’m mainly thinking of the mushy, romantic kind of love.
So here’s the real question: If love is forever, does that mean you can never truly stop caring about someone once you’ve loved them?
I’m not talking about a kindergarten crush or a month-long obsession — or even the undeniably strong emotions you may feel while watching a movie starring Matthew McConaughey.
By love, I mean that tie you build with someone based on hour’s-long conversations, obstacles conquered and secrets shared.
Maybe the type of love you feel for a person changes when they become your ex — and when you find your one-and-only. But can you ever un-love someone all together?
I don’t have an answer, and, obviously, it may be just a silly a statement stamped on a plate. But it made me think: Is love forever?
  • JG

    I've never really stopped to think about that, but I think love IS forever. I, like you, have not found my “one and only;” however, I've dated and loved some wonderful men. They've moved on and found their “forever loves,” but I still have love for them. So, I think love is forever; it just evolves to the situation. It's not a romantic love anymore but more of a celestial, brother-sister love. I don't know if I'm explaining my view very well.

  • Emily

    I agree, Jessie. And you explained it perfectly!

    I've decided it would actually be really sad to believe that all the time and effort (love) you put into a relationship is just wasted if it doesn't end in happily ever after. I far prefer your explanation of a love that evolves rather than disappears.