Getting to know you

Someone I’d just met recently asked me to tell him what he should know about me. At that moment, I completely blanked. I think I rattled off something silly about being a member of the Nordstrom bow club as a child. It wasn’t especially charming or crucial information.

The next week, as I was blowdrying my hair (a feat that takes no less than 30 minutes), a flood of interesting facts about Emily made their ridiculously late arrival. Some of these tidbits are frivolous, a la the bow club, but others are relatively significant.

Maybe I’ll have an opportunity to share these with the intended recipient some day. Maybe I won’t. Either way, I thought I’d post them here.

I hate mushrooms. I think they taste like shoes. Moving to Japan was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I love my family fiercely. My little brothers are two of the greatest blessings in my life.

I need to feel the sun on my face every day. I love Gerber daisies. I’ve never had a broken bone. I love reading. Jane Austen’s “Emma” is my all-time favorite novel. The Wall Street Journal is my favorite publication. I think traveling is essential; it’s important to be reminded that there’s more to the world than the United States.

I like to shop. OK, “like” may be an understatement. But I never spend money I don’t have. I love magazines. My dream is to be the editor of my own one day. I’m afraid of drowning.

I think moms deserve far more credit than they get. My mom is my best friend. I’m always cold. Always. When it comes to grammar, I’m a complete nerd. I love explaining how to use semicolons and how to avoid dangling modifiers.

I love to dance. I probably burn more calories smiling during Zumba than I do dancing. When I’m sad, all I really need is a hug.

Christmas tree lights and fireworks make me happy. My two favorite places are the Conference Center and our family condo in Sun Valley.

I don’t like scary movies. They give me nightmares. I love sushi.

I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in miracles.