Great big plans

Today I want to introduce you to two women, neither of whom of I know personally, but both who inspired me this week.

Our first lovely lady is popular LDS musician Mindy Gledhill. I must admit that I’m not very familiar with Mindy’s music or the work of similar artists on Deseret Book’s bestseller list. Because I spent my teen years acclimating my taste buds to raw fish and serpentining my way through subway stations, I missed those classic EFY summers and weekend youth conferences where these musicians are regularly featured.

So while I don’t know much about her and can’t vouch for the appeal of the rest of her work, I’m certainly a fan of Mindy’s most recent tune, “Whole Wide World.” (If you have a minute, well three minutes and 33 seconds, to be exact, I highly recommend watching and listening for yourself.)

What did you think? Personally, I LOVE the message of the lyrics. These positive phrases are a few of my favorites: “I’m going to go and take a chance”; “I’m going to live a crazy dream, impossible as it may seem”; and, of course, “Maybe I’m just a little girl, a little girl with great big plans.”

I’ve been talking with friends, roommates and co-workers recently about discovering your passion and finding a way to apply that in your job, recreational activities and everyday life. I’m far from having unearthed this for myself, but I’m working on it, and this song reminded me to be courageous as I make my great big plans.

Now, at the beginning of this post, I said I wanted to introduce you to two women. You now know Mindy, so let’s talk about Stephanie Nielson, who is featured in the video above, along with her cute kids, at 1:47.

Stephanie was in a near-fatal plane crash, suffered burns over 80 percent of her body and faces a lifetime of reconstructive surgery. And yet, here she is, a perfect example of being brave enough to want to hold the whole wide world in her open hands — even after all those hands have been through.

Just in case you’d like an extra dose of inspiration for the day, I’ve included a Mormon Messages video featuring Stephanie and her husband below.

I hope these wonderful women have given you a little taste of the vat of perspective they served up for me this week.