Love, sweet love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday I heard several people use the term “singles awareness day” to describe what classify as the most romantic 24 hours of the year for those who have a hand to hold, a spouse to smooch and a prince (or princess) charming to adore.

I must admit, there have been seasons in my life when I’ve been among those cursing Cupid. When you reach into a bag of Dove chocolates on a quiet Valentine’s night and find a saying like this on the inside, how can you not feel sad and, well, pathetic?
(Note to Dove’s marketing department: Consumers tend to feel guilty enough about just eating the chocolate. There’s no need to rub in the fact that they’re likely lonely, too.)
Yes, I’ve been one of those girls who watches “Pride and Prejudice” in an attempt to fill the vast void on Valentine’s Day. But not this year.
I may find time to watch a chick flick or pull a novel off the shelf, but it won’t be because I’m wallowing. This year, I say up with love. I may be single in the romantic sense, but I’m certainly not alone.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been the beneficiary of many acts of selfless service and simple, but meaningful, gestures of friendship.
I may not be receiving a bouquet of roses today, but if I could gather up the thoughtful text message from a college friend saying I am missed, the sticky note left on my desk at work by an aunt expressing support, the phone call from sweet friend just because it was Tuesday, and a Sunday evening laughing with family in Grandma’s kitchen, I’d have something just as beautiful — and far more meaningful — than a few flowers.

Though their charms are many, and I’m certainly not opposed to receiving them, roses will wilt and chocolates will quickly be consumed. This Valentine’s Day, I’m not worried about ribbons or heart-shaped boxes because I’ve been blessed with beautiful, enduring expressions of love.

Learning not to limit the definition of “love” has made the idea dedicating a day to recognizing its abundance in my life seem like a perfectly wonderful idea.

To all those who have helped me feel cared for, thank you.

Now, just in case you haven’t already seen enough, I’d like to leave you with one final look at the decor details that are singing the praises of Valentine’s Day at my house. Isn’t it lovely?