Of snowflakes and swans

Yesterday my roommates and I had an appetizer-and-dessert night with another group of girls who live nearby. (Why waste time making meat and potatoes when all we really want are chips and chocolate.)

We actually had quite a few healthy items on the table (including snap peas and sweet potatoes), but these cute Paula Dean cupcakes filled our sugar quota for the night. Delicious!
And it seems the weather heeded the call of the cupcake decor because I woke up to this:
I’m a big fan of snow, but only when it sticks to the trees and rooftops — and other places where I do not have to walk or drive.
My appreciation for snow, or at least the individual flakes, increased this afternoon when I stumbled on a video from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf about “Our True Identity.”
We’ve all heard ourselves compared to snowflakes — or at least I assume those of us who live in the colder climes have. Just like no two snowflakes are exactly the same (and National Geographic will back me up on this), no two people are exactly the same. We have unique talents and perspectives, which make everyday experiences and relationships frustrating and fascinating.
The one thing I think we human snowflakes share, though, is a tendency to be too hard on ourselves. We’re not perfect, but we’re far from the ugly ducklings we may imagine.
If you’re having one of those days, months or years (or lives) when it’s hard to recognize what a stunning swan you really are, check out this video.