Pretty in pink

This was the highlight of my day — and my week:

Isn’t Baby B beautiful? (Note: “Baby B” is not intended to be a Spice Girls-esque nickname or anything. It’s just my unoriginal attempt at generating a blog-safe name. Luckily, her parents listed something much more feminine and fitting on the birth certificate.)
This gorgeous girl is the daughter of one of my very best friends. I made a trip an hour-long trip out to visit them this afternoon, and it was more than worth it.
When life gets confusing, there’s nothing like holding a baby to calm the chaos.
  • Britt and Chad

    Em you made our day!! It was so good to catch up and spend a few hours chatting. I appreciate the long drive you took to see us and I promise to come to you next time. You're beautiful!! I love the picture I took of you and baby B :) . I will be posting it on my blog.