Resolutions for the soul

Given that I work for a newspaper, and I absolutely adore magazines, I can’t help but be bombarded by reflections on 2011 and promises for 2012. At the newspaper, we’re looking back on our most successful articles and our most creative photographs of the year. Meanwhile, Oprah and Martha Stewart are filling glossy pages with tips for wearing a pencil skirt and building citrus centerpieces, ensuring a successful start to 2012.

While I think that making goals for the approaching 365 days is a wonderful idea (and you’ll likely see me at Target grabbing glitter for that show-stopping Martha centerpiece), my resolutions for the coming year go beyond whittling my middle and organizing my closet.
The past year has taught me that the things I want most in 2012 — laughter, peace, adventure — require an entirely different set of resolutions.
To aid my explanation of these goals, let me share with you two collages by an insightful artist named Kelly Rae Roberts. I found one of her pieces at a local boutique, Hip and Humble, last year, and I’ve been collecting them ever since.
This first one hangs on my bedroom wall and was a gift from my mother.
I realize this may be a bit tricky to read, so here’s the witty wisdom you won’t want to forget: “Embrace change. Take the journey back to yourself. Love with abandon. Speak of your gratitude. Wear yellow shoes. Unleash your creative spirit. Dance in the moonlight. Be positive. Believe in healing. Share your inner light. Surprise yourself and do the thing you didn’t think you could do. Live as if you’ve only been given one chance.”
Lovely, no? I have room to improve in all of these areas. I know you’d think I’d at least have the yellow shoes one covered, but, alas, my collection of footwear does not yet include anything in that hue.
In all seriousness, though, many of these resolutions speak to my soul: I want to believe in healing — for me and for others. I want to be creative; I’ve decided I must buy a DSLR camera. I want to embrace the unexpected.
Just in case you aren’t feeling sufficiently inspired, here’s one more collage worth considering.
The font on this one is a bit easier to read, so I won’t spell it out, but I will say that I absolutely love the idea of finding “the sacred in the ordinary.”
So maybe your New Year’s resolutions include cutting back on chocolate and getting to bed by 10. These are admirable goals. Good luck :) But maybe you’ll want to include a few to-dos that will still seem inviting in February and will make an impact on more than just your dress size.