So you want to be a yogi

I once had a high school teacher tell me I am tenacious. Sounds like a good thing, right? While I suppose there are scenarios in which my persistence pays off, I think this particular person was using it as a euphemism. I think it was his polite way of saying that once I get an idea or make up my mind about something, that’s the end of that. There’s no hope of deterring me — even if jumping ship would be the safe, sane option.

Well, this weekend I put my tenacity to work and embarked on a journey to find a yoga studio. I’m mentioned my love for Zumba before, and, really, I find it hard to believe there can be anything better than leaving the dance studio profusely glistening* and temporarily deaf from the potentially dangerous — but undeniably motivating — volume of the music. (*I think it was Topanga from “Boy Meets World” who said girls don’t sweat; they glisten. I like to pretend that’s true.)

Despite my love for this loud Latin workout, I’ve decided I could use a little centering and stretching in my life as well, so I decided to give yoga a try.

I spent a good portion of my three-day weekend researching local yoga studios. I found schedules for four studios and set out to investigate.

For a Zumba girl who has gotten used to neon workout gear and high-energy instructors, stepping into yoga studios was a bit of a culture shock.
At each place I visited, there were prominent signs asking that you remove your shoes upon entering. And unlike the signs at my Zumba studio that scream, “DO NOT PARK NEXT DOOR, CHICA. YOU WILL BE TOWED,” these sings seemed to whisper, “Please, look deep into your soul, respect this space and slip of your shoes.”

Although, I discovered yogis don’t limit themselves to muted jewel tones and stoic deep breathing because this is the side of one of the buildings I visited.

Initially, I was worried I had gotten my directions mixed up and arrived at a preschool, but it turns out this studio is just owned by some light-hearted practitioners. Please excuse this woman’s immodest top. This image is no way intended to endorse such things :)

At a yet another studio, though, I met an instructor who wasn’t so light-hearted. When I entered, I bounded right up to the front desk (making sure to remove my shoes first, of course). In a bubbly, energetic voice, I asked about introductory classes, explaining I’m a yoga novice. The woman behind the desk seemed almost offended by my enthusiasm and my bright blue nail polish. (Something tells me she’s not going to love the hot pink yoga mat I just bought, either. In my defense, it was the only color Target had.)

Each place I visited seemed a bit foreign. I have feeling, though, that I may come to love yoga just as much as I love Zumba precisely because they are so different. So, namste, my friends. I’ll let you know how my first class goes.

  • Izzy

    Yoga does provide a great sense of calm. Just avoid the one Joshua does. The P90X one is ninety minutes and after an hour I completely loose my “chi” and all I can think is, “Is it over yet? I have other things that need doing in my life!” I think that is totally defeating the purpose if I end up irritated, right?

  • Emily

    Good point! I've done yoga videos like that before. I'll try to avoid the frustration factor.

  • Heidi Freeman

    I am certain no one needs yoga more than me. I do not like doing things that I am pathetic at? Not sure where this pride comes from but seriously how do those 60 year-old women move that way?