Something better

Transparency. It’s a buzzword at our office. We’re always talking about how successful companies are forthcoming about their strengths and their shortcomings. They are quick to own up to their mistakes. They tell customers why they are doing what they are doing. In short, they’re honest.

I think transparency is something blog readers appreciate, as well. It’s entertaining and enchanting to read about the sunny aspects of someone’s life, but I think it’s also important to know that the person behind the keyboard has terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, too. (Did you catch the children’s book reference there? Read this one after you get gum in your hair or are forced to eat lima beans for dinner. It’s one of my favorites.)

Well, dear readers, for the sake of transparency, I will tell you that my absence last week was due to some no good, very bad days. The list of events that contributed to my gloominess is long, but not at all unique. We all experience heartbreak, regret, frustration and utterly overwhelming sadness, and last week it was my turn to seek out silver linings through swollen eyes. Ponytails and salt-stained cheeks were standard. Waterproof mascara was must.
As I tried to cope with the physical and emotional aching, I came across this video from Elder F. Enzio Busche. It’s filled with comforting quotes and timeless counsel. Here’s my favorite part: “When you are compelled to give up something or when things that are dear to you are withdrawn from you, know that this is your lesson to be learned right now, but know, also, that as you are learning this lesson, God wants to give you something better.”

I hope this doesn’t appear to be a selfish woe-is-me post. On the contrary, I know we are all dealing with something; I have become acutely aware of this. I believe everyone is tending an unseen wound. My only hope for today’s post is that the sweet message that gave me peace will somehow help you find relief, too.
  • Powell’s Place

    I hope your sadness is ebbing. Call me and chat; I'd love to hear from you. I was thinking about you yesterday at 5:43pm my time, but realized that you would still be working :) . Have a great day, Em!