Sparkly TOMS and tinsel

I have something special on its way for tomorrow’s post, but because I haven’t quite imported the video yet (Yes, I’m making a foray into the realm of moving pictures. Watch out!), I’ll share a few shots from this weekend’s happenings.

While I didn’t want to taint my Thanksgiving festivities with the traditional Black Friday frenzy, I had no problem with making my way to the mall on Saturday. (I’ll share some images from Thanksgiving later. It deserves more than my brain can give right now.)
Shops were still crowded with customers who share my belief in dedicating one day to stuffing (I may have consumed a gallon of my Grandma’s recipe on Thursday), one day to sleeping (it’s still appropriate to call this day “Black Friday,” but for me the “black” refers to the inside of my eyelids) and one day to shopping (that’s Saturday, folks).
Despite the busyness, Lizzy, Meliss and I managed to find some relatively good deals and get in a number of photo-worthy moments.
Case in point.
Despite the fact that Lizzy already owns five pairs of TOMS, she couldn’t resist trying out the latest sparkly, leopard-print version. She didn’t end up buying them, but she did get a pair of the boots in the photo below.
Well, I should clarify. She didn’t buy this exact pair. After Meliss theatrically helped her remove this boot, Lizzy decided to try a size up. Given the price and supposed longevity of these buttery-leather beauties, Lizzy thought being able to get them on and off without significant assistance would be wise. (If you’re looking for a pair of truly swoon-worthy boots, you may want to check out The Frye Company.)
After a weekend on the town, we spent Sunday inside decking Lizzy’s Christmas tree in teal-and-gold garb. (We even sprayed the plastic branches of this Target tree with a pine-needle scent. It doesn’t make the plastic any more authentic, but it sure smells pretty.)
While we decorated, we listened to my new favorite Christmas song. I’m not certain who the lovely people in this video are, but it’s the only sharable format I could find.