Starburst security blanket

My closet is filled with coats. I can walk into a store in the middle of the sweltering summer and be automatically drawn to anything coat-like: trench, pea, dress — nothing with long sleeves and buttons is safe.
Part of the reason for my coat fetish is fashion-based, but my motives aren’t all superficial. Here’s what it really comes down to: I am always cold. Always. I have a heater below my desk at work, and I keep it blasting all day long. And the idea of walking out the door in the morning without at least one coat in tow is absurd.
Today, to match my black dress pants, I had my black Black B.P. coat on hand (business casual attire can be limiting). As I was sitting in a meeting , I stuck my hands in my coat pockets and pulled out this:
If you’re especially fond of Starbursts, I apologize. I did not intentionally mistreat this sugary square. Its battered and worn state is simply a result of the fact that it has been in my pocket for two years. Yes, that’s right. Two years.
Want to know why? This silly Starburst is one of my “security blankets.” It was given to me by a friend during a particularly long and dull event. I remember exactly which red seat I was slumped over in at the BYU-Idaho Hart Building when he casually offered it to me.
My sleepy eyes could have used the sugar hit, so I don’t know why I didn’t eat it at the time. Somehow it ended up in my pocket instead of my mouth, and I completely forgot about it until a few weeks later.
The first time I stumbled across it, it made me smile. It reminded me of this particular friend, and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. So in my pocket it remains.
Maybe it’s stupid or silly —and it’s certainly unsuitable for eating — but there’s something comforting about reaching into my pocket and pulling out a piece of my past — and, along with it, memories of my best friend.
Disclaimer: I’m not a hoarder. If you’re picturing piles of empty boxes, plastic spoons and wicker baskets filling my house, never fear. I don’t think TLC will be knocking on my door anytime soon.
I’m really not innately attached to odds-and-ends items. But I keep a few things that make me smile. Am I the only one?
  • Adam and Bri

    Emily! SO fun to find your blog. You're just as delightful of a writer as a I remember.

    Hope you're doing amazing! One of these conferences, let's seriously get together (yeah yeah yeah). :)

  • Emily

    Thank you, Bri! You are so sweet. Let's most definitely plan on meeting up. If conference doesn't work, I'd love to make a trip to Happy Valley to say hello.