The best gifts

On this icy Christmas Eve, I’m slumped in bed nursing a cold that arrived just in time for the holidays.

Despite the congestion and unattractive coughing, I am feeling incredibly grateful for many things — not the least of which include early Christmas gifts of Sudafed and a humidifier, thanks to mom and dad. (Being at home when you’re sick really is the only way to go.)
Taking time to list all of the blessings that have filled my life this year would make me miss our annual Christmas Eve pageant, so I’ll spare you all the sappiness. What I will say, though, is that my most precious blessings this year have come in the form of caring people. They have appeared at the perfect moments and made deep and drastic impressions.
So I want to say, “Thank you” to each one of you. And I also want to express gratitude for the most important Person in my life, whose birth we celebrate this evening and tomorrow. None of the blessings in my life would exist without my Savior, Jesus Christ.
If you have a quiet moment, I hope you’ll enjoy watching my favorite Christmas video, which features “The Nativity,” produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Amy Grant’s “Breath of Heaven.”