Weekend wonderland

Today I thought I’d share a few pictures from this weekend’s adventures. Given my current iPhone obsession, these photos come to you courtesy of my favorite new tech tool, of course.

A few of the fuzzier ones are from my friend’s phone. I have absolutely nothing against her phone, mind you; I just have to protect the good name of the iPhone.
First up is Friday.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to meet the lovely subject of the photo above, let me be the first to introduce you to the Marz Roll. Before you tell me 10 reasons you hate sushi, do yourself a favor and try this tasty twist on raw fish. Then we’ll talk.
The wonderful people I work with are just as obsessed with sushi as I am, and any occasion is a good excuse to visit Happy Sumo. In fact, the purpose of this particular lunch was to commemorate one of our first failed projects. We learned long ago that sushi makes everything better. (Did you notice my cute co-worker, Bonnie, taking pictures in this picture? Sometimes people roll their eyes when I say I need to get a shot for my blog, so I loved that I wasn’t the only one inducing the eye-rolling this time.)
Saturday morning I awoke to a canopy of snow-covered leaves. My little fall friends keep hanging in there, and I continue to cheer them on.
To the snow’s credit, it certainly got me in the holiday spirit and beckoned me outdoors late Saturday evening to see the lighting of the Christmas tree at the Gateway Mall. As you’ve probably noticed, I have thing for light. I love it in all of its luminous forms: sunshine, fireworks, candles, Christmas lights — they make my soul smile.
My cute friend, Melissa (whom I like to call Meliss, given that it’s so much faster to type and say) and her sister were equally enchanted by the 7-mile string of twinkle lights threaded up 50-foot blue spruce.
And, of course, Meliss, Lizzy and I couldn’t resist posing right below the tree. Given that we don’t have any cranky and frozen children to coerce into a classy Christmas card shot, we went for a candid three-single-girls-living-in-the-city pose. (My heart goes out to the tots who were there that night for family pictures. I hope they have the feeling back in their fingers and their faces by now.)
The weekend also included a Fiesta event, an evening of watching “Elf” and plenty of other randomness.
I suppose this is just a random stage in life. The dream of children, designer strollers to push them in and a husband to do that pushing is ever-present, but this weekend was a good reminder that singlehoood isn’t so bad, especially when it’s shared with friends.
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11040405195507349561 Powell’s Place

    How fun to go see the beautiful lights. I just commented yesterday that I would love to go see the lights and take Grant. Oh, and don't dream about husbands pushing the stroller–in my experience that just doesn't happen all that often if they have a real job ;) . Instead, dream about how toned your legs are going to get while pushing that little–albeit surprisingly heavy–angel.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13482973529958165876 Emily

    Oh, Siri, you just made my day :) Do I get to see you and your cute baby this Christmas?